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Child, Teen, & Young Adult

At Begin Psychology, we offer psycho-educational assessments to children, teens, and young adults in living in Calgary and Across Alberta.

Assessment Services

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In-Person Assessment

For most children and teens, in-person assessment provides the most comfortable and convenient testing experience. Your clinician will utilize a combination of electronic and hands-on activities when working with your child, helping to ensure reliable assessment results in a private, relaxed atmosphere. Once testing with your child is complete, your clinician will schedule a virtual meeting with you to share and discuss your child's assessment findings, as well as recommendations and/or accommodations that may support your child's academic success. Should you prefer to review the results in person, please consult with your clinician for scheduling availability.

Calgary and surrounding area

Across Alberta

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While in-person assessments are the preferred modality for most children and families, it isn't always possible. As such, Begin also offers psycho-educational assessments that may be completed virtually. The process is a little different, though, and there are some distinct limitations to such a service, so please reach out prior to scheduling an appointment to make sure this approach is right for you and your child.

Virtual Assessment

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