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Therapy Services

Adult, Child, & Teen

At Begin Psychology, we offer virtual counselling to adults, teens, and children

living in Calgary and Across Alberta.

Our focus on providing therapy services through a virtual medium offers our adult clients a convenient, comfortable, and private therapy experience. When joining for your video session, choosing a quiet, relaxed setting will be most beneficial for your appointment. Using earbuds may also be helpful, especially if accessing a specialized therapy treatment, such as EMDR therapy. To learn more about our adult therapy services, please click here to learn more about our adult therapy services.

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Virtual Therapy - Adult

(for therapy as individual as you are)

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Virtual Therapy - Child & Teen (7 - 13 Years Old)

(for therapy that helps your child or teen feel right at home)

When you choose Begin, you give your child or teen the comfort of knowing they can explore difficult topics in the their own environment. Your clinician will welcome your child with a warm smile and a gentle nature, and will encourage them to bring a favourite item to the session (from teddy bears to fidget toys!). To benefit most from virtual therapy, your child should be able to focus well most of the time. Using earbuds can also help your child or teen access specialized treatments, such trauma-focused EMDR therapy. To learn more about our child and teen therapy services, please click here.



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In-Person Therapy - Adult, Child, or Teen

(service alternative)

While virtual therapy is our main focus, in-person therapy may sometimes a better fit. That's why Begin also offers in-persons therapy that may be scheduled at one of several day-office locations* in Calgary, depending on client preference and/or availability. 


Given scheduling requirements, in-person sessions have limited availability, and must be arranged with your clinician directly (and not through the online booking system). If you are interested in our in-person therapy option, please click here to submit an appointment request.

*Begin's day offices are provided by Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

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