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At Begin, your comfort and privacy during virtual therapy

sessions is of utmost importance.

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Virtual Therapy Setting

Part of the counselling experience is feeling safe and comfortable in the therapeutic environment; that's why your clinician has created a calm and relaxing setting for your virtual therapy appointment.


Only your clinician will hear what is being said through the computer's audio, while a noise-cancelling machine hums quietly in the background to keep your clinician's words private. All files are electronically generated and maintained, with passcode protection to ensure the safe storage of therapeutic records. 

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In-Person Therapy Setting

While virtual therapy is our main focus, for some clients, in-person sessions may be a better fit (e.g., younger children who would benefit from a play-therapy approach).


In such situations, therapy sessions may be scheduled at one of several day-office locations* in Calgary, depending on client preference and/or availability. If in-person is your preferred therapy setting, please submit an appointment request.

*Begin's day offices are provided by Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

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