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Therapy Services


Start your counselling journey with individual therapy at Begin.

Virtual sessions are available to residents across Alberta, making it comfortable and convenient for you to enhance your mental health and well-being.

Self-esteem issues...

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When life feels overwhelming, your clinician can help you gain new insights into the sources of your anxiety and learn new ways to manage anxious thoughts and feelings.

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Everyone feels sad sometimes, but when you struggle to feel joy in your everyday life, your clinician can help you to better understand and manage your depressive symptoms.

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From single event to complex, post-traumatic stress, trauma-focused therapy can help you process and recover from traumatic experiences, fostering resilience and strength.

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Stress Management

Stress is an expected part of everyday life, but when it overshadows your skills and achievements, your clinician can help you access your own inherent strengths to keep stress in its place.

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Anger Management

Every feeling is valid, including anger; but when emotions feel out of control, your clinician can help you understand the underlying reasons for your angry feelings and learn to keep them in check.

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Self-esteem and resilience are essential to emotional health and well-being. Working with your clinician can help you recognize your strengths and build effective skills to manage life's daily challenges.

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