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Assessment Services

Areas of Inquiry

Enhance your child's learning journey with a psycho-educational assessment at Begin.

Our strength-based approach provides valuable insight about how your child or teen learns best to help unlock their fullest potential. 

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Evaluating your child or teen's intellectual abilities is an essential first step toward understanding their unique learning profile, including verbal expression and comprehension; analyzing and problem-solving using visual information; remembering what they hear and see using their short-term, working memory; and efficiency of paper-and-pencil output.

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Exploring your child or teen's struggles with reading, written expression, or mathematics (and associated skills, such as listening comprehension) helps to guide academic interventions, including the teaching of specific skills to support your child's success.

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Visual-Motor Skills

If your child or teen struggles with paper-and-pencil tasks, testing can further clarify the underlying issues contributing to this problem (such as challenges with pencil control).

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Working Memory

If your child or teen struggles to remember what they hear and see, such as information and instructions, it could be a sign of difficulties with information processing and retention. Identifying the exact nature of the challenges is important for targeting specific memory-based interventions.

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Executive Functioning

Your child or teen's ability to retain instructions, organize and initiate tasks or projects, modulate their attention, and regulate behaviour is an important part of their learning journey. Discovering how these mental activities affect your child's academic success is important for clarifying interventions and helpful next steps.

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Phonological Processing

If your child or teen struggles to read and/or write, it may be due to an underlying difficulty with how their brain processes word sounds. Examining their ability to access and manipulate word sounds is an important skill for literacy development, particularly for putting individual sounds together for reading, and breaking words into individual sounds for spelling. Identifying such processing needs can help target the most effective strategies to accelerate your child's literacy development.

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Additional Factors

Sometimes a child's learning profile does not reveal the whole picture. Should other factors become evident during the assessment process (e.g., social/emotional needs), your clinician will discuss next steps with you to best explore these concerns.

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Diagnostic Clarity

In addition to understanding your child or teen's learning strengths and needs, we offer skilled diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders. 

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