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(not the chips!)

Miss Vikki

Bio Photo - Vikki Small_edited_edited_ed

Miss Vikki (or just plain, Vikki!) is a big kid at heart! She loves working with the younger generation (which she has been honoured to do since 2007) and she is especially skilled at bridging the work of psychology with a fun, interactive experience for children & teens alike.  


Whether she's helping young children with their "anxiety monsters," teaching older kids to recognize and change unhelpful thoughts and behaviours, or helping young minds process and recover from their traumatic experiences, Miss Vikki knows a strong therapeutic relationship is at the heart of each child or teen's success. (So if laughing at my silly drawings isn't your thing, feel free to tell me a joke...or two!).

And if she's helping kids figure out their troubles with learning, that needs to be fun, too! It can take several visits to go through all the tests she needs to do, so it's important that children & teens enjoy the process as much as possible. And most kids really do like it! (Especially when we take quick breaks to play a game of Connect 4!) 

Another thing to know about Miss Vikki... She understands that meeting someone new, and talking about personal things, can be really hard to do, no matter how old you are! So if you're a child or teen, know that those feelings are OK! We'll take our time getting to know each other, and spend a lot of time getting to know you...and that will be the most wonderful thing of all. 

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