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At Begin, our virtual office means we are able to provide

in-person assessment at several Calgary locations.*

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In-Person Assessment Setting

Face-to-face evaluations offer the simplest and most reliable way to evaluate your child or teen's cognitive and academic abilities.

Through Begin's virtual office, your clinician is able to offer in-person assessment sessions for residents of Calgary and the surrounding area.


Testing sessions may be scheduled at one of several day-office locations* in Calgary, depending on client preference and/or availability. Ask your clinician which location is right for you.

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Virtual Assessment Setting

For some children or teens, in-person assessment sessions may not be possible (e.g., living in a rural area). In such situations, Begin may be able to offer virtual assessment sessions, provided this modality is a good fit for you and your child. 

When assessing virtually, a moderator needs to be present with your child to ensure hands-on testing materials may be accessed (e.g., a parent). Other materials need to be mailed separately to the testing location (e.g., your home), and you need a suitable electronic device (such as a newer iPad) for your child or teen to use during testing. A second camera should also be set up to ensure test questions and protocols remain confidential.


So, before scheduling an online Intake meeting with your clinician, be sure to reach out to discuss if a virtual assessment is right for you and your child.

*Begin's day offices are provided by Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

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