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Therapy Services

Child & Teen

Start your child or teen's counselling journey with kid-friendly therapy at Begin. Virtual sessions are available to young people aged 7 to 17 across Alberta, and include interactive activities to help your child engage and thrive in the therapy process.

Self-esteem issues...

anxious child in a stormy forest_edited


For little and big kids alike, daily life can sometimes feel so big, it's hard to control the worry. Your child's clinician can help them calm these worries and learn to manage them when they arise.

sad girl alone in a green  and grey forest


Young minds of all ages can reveal depression in many ways, from not wanting to hang out with friends to feeling grumpy and irritable. Your clinician can help your child understand these emotions and start feeling like themselves again.

child scared by lightening in a dark forest


Scary events can have a lasting affect on young minds. Your clinician can help your child or teen process those traumatic memories so they aren't so scary anymore. 

child on scary rollercoaster in distance in green forest

Emotional Regulation

When children and teens struggle to regulate their emotions, the simplest tasks can feel like struggle. A strengths-based approach can give your youth the skills and confidence to navigate these emotional rollercoasters.

child getting angry in a forest

Behavioural Regulation

"Misbehaving" is a child's way of showing that they're struggling. Your clinician can help your child or teen express their thoughts and feelings in a safe, non-judgmental way, and develop the skills needed to let their true self shine.

child standing in sunlight beaming through green forest with butterflies and birds


When children and teens struggle to know their worth, it shows up in every aspect of their lives, from the friends they pick to the decisions they make. Your clinician can help your child recognize and celebrate their strengths, while also building resilience to face life's daily challenges.

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